Tauparikākā and Wanaka, New Zealand

Hitting the road again we made our way down to Ship Creek to see if we could spot the pod of Hector’s dolphins that inhabit the area. Hector’s Dolphins are native to New Zealand and are now classed as an endangered species with only 4,000 left in the wild. They are the smallest Dolphins in the world -the babies being only a mere 30cm long! Unfortunately when we arrived the waves were far too ferocious to spy any dolphins. Guy said he had never seen the water so high on the beach. It was a lovely stop off none the less – even if we did get attacked by sandflies and soaked by the incoming waves.

Our final destination for the night was the sleepy lakeside town of Wanaka but before dipping into the town we made stop offs at the Thunder Creek falls, Lake Hawea and Lake Wanaka which were beautiful.

That evening we were staying at Base hostel – we cooked dinner together before having a couple of drinks in the hostel bar in front of the fire. It was a really relaxed night getting ready for the craziness to come over the next following days. Safe to say we all slept pretty well!

After a good night sleep in Wanaka we got back into the bus and made our way across to Puzzling World where we would be spending the next couple of hours. Puzzling World is an attraction full of illusion rooms and installations to trick the mind. It’s all a little cheesy but a good way to pass some time.

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