River Valley, New Zealand

The drive to River Valley took about two hours but Diesel kept us entertained with stories about the area, games of eye spy and the geographical reasons for the area’s hilly gradient (something to do with the to do with the ripple effect from the tectonic plates).


We arrived in River Valley in the evening and hiked our bags down the steep incline towards the lodge. Our day in River Valley felt like an absolute holiday; the lodge was right at the bottom of the valley, was like a little log cabin and had no wifi or mobile phone signal. When we arrived we either had the choice of a 32 people dorm room; or a 6 people dorm – we swiftly went for the 6!

We were fed up with the most amazing roast dinner which was hands down the best thing I’ve eaten on the trip so far. 

That evening turned into probably the booziest of the trip so far – particularly for Claire, one of the girls in our room, so that made the end of the night interesting…

The next morning we woke up in a bit of a daze. The lodge had bottomless coffee which was a dream. I sat outside in the sun enjoying the scenery which was lovely. 


Brie and I then went and tried out the pulley bridge across the river. As always, I screamed the whole way across!

Our bus was leaving at around 1pm but before we left we had the most amazing lunch of proper home cooked food – Brie and I went for the enchiladas which were delicious!


Stuffed, we headed back up the hill towards the bus ready for our next stop – New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington. 

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