Monte Carlo, Monaco

The bus to the principality of Monaco is only a short 40 minute bus ride away from the centre of Nice. Before we knew it we had arrived into the stunning Monte Carlo.  We decided to take the short walk up the hill which gave us fantastic views across the city and down to the vast array of super yachts which lined the waters – we had definitely arrived in millionaire land…!


From here we wandered down into the main town towards the Palace (The Prince’s Palace of Monaco). This, almost yellow in colour, castle is absolutely stunning – you can see why Grace Kelly herself lived here! Every day at 11.55, the changing of the guards take place. We made sure we were there in time to watch the guards in their pristine white uniforms march out of the palace grounds. It really was fascinating to watch.


Having enjoyed a bit of time wandering around the palace, we walked a little further into the town to visit the famous Saint Nicholas  Cathedral. This stunning church is where Hollywood actress Grace Kelly married Rainier III, in that iconic wedding dress back in April 1956. We wandered around the inside of this stunning cathedral, and of course, paid a visit to Princess Grace’s tomb.


After spending some time in the Cathedral we decided to do the most touristy of clichés and boarded the little sightseeing train which took us around Monte Carlo stopping off at the most iconic spots. This was definitely all a little cheesy but a great way to get our bearings before we hit the pavements ourselves.


With our train ticket we got super cheap tickets into the Monte Carlo aquarium which we decided might be worth a little visit. It was actually really interesting and a great way to spend an hour or so.


Having spent some time in the aquarium we wandered further into the town to pay a visit to one of Monte Carlo’s most famous landmarks – the Casino de Monte Carlo!


We spent a little while inside the casino wandering around and watching people gamble. You can’t take photos inside but I’m sure you can imagine what the people inside the casino were like – this is definitely where the wealthy come to play… the three of us must have stood out like sore thumbs.



Having spent sometime in the casino we sat outside in one of the bars and bought probably the most expensive orange juices we have ever had… I guess that was to be expected. It was DEFINITELY worth it though just for the people watching alone.


Now that we had more of a bearing of Monte Carlo we decided to take a wander around the pristine streets. The only way I can describe Monte Carlo is like walking around a fake land in Disneyworld. Everything is so ornate, so clean and so impeccable. Just look at the road signs, the cafe, and even the bank – it is amazing.



We wandered through the gorgeous parks, walked past the high end designer boutiques and did a fair amount of people watching. It really is crazy that people live here. I couldn’t even afford an orange juice…


Having taken in the sights we picked up some delicious macarons from Laduree which we ate in the sun before hopping back on the bus towards Nice.


We had such a fun day visiting Monaco. It really is a stunning place with such an interesting history, even if it does feel like a fabricated dream land…!

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